Our fees

Our Fees

At Constantine and Summers LLP we offer:

  • 15 minute free appointments
  • Fixed fee initial advice appointments
  • Early bird and lunchtime appointments
  • Fixed Fees
  • Pay As You Go arrangement
  • Hourly rates
  • Payment by Instalments

We are very aware that most people are worried about legal fees and understandably are reluctant to incur expenditure.


We therefore have a range of options for you to choose from

15 Minute Free Appointments’

The brief advice we can give you in a free one off 15 minute appointment which should enable you to make a decision on the best way forward. Please telephone to fix a day and time for your free appointment.

Fixed Fee Appointments

We also offer a one off fixed fee appointment with either Griselda or Julie during which you will have the opportunity to discuss your circumstances and they will be able to advise you on your legal position. This can be for a half hour or an hour.

Early Bird and Lunchtime appointments

To provide you with the flexibility that you require around your other commitments we offer appointments starting at 8.00am, or earlier and through lunchtime.

Fixed Fees

We are able to fix our fees for some types of work.

Pay as You Go

We are happy to deal with our clients’ matters from start to finish. Alternatively we are happy to limit our involvement to assisting you at particularly difficult stages of your matter for which we will accept payment for each piece of work, as and when we assist you, on a pay as you go basis.

Hourly Rates

Fixed fees are not appropriate for all types of legal work. We understand that you need a clear idea from the outset of your matter about the costs you are likely to incur.  We will give you a clear estimate of our costs and if it becomes apparent during the matter that the costs will exceed the initial costs estimate we will advise you at the earliest opportunity so that you may reach a decision as to whether you wish to incur additional expenditure. We will bill you at intervals of your choosing to enable you to budget effectively.

Payment by Instalments

For some types of work we able to accept payment of our costs by monthly instalments.

Pricing Information

Please download our latest pricing information by clicking on the links below.

Costs of a probate matter

Residential property purchase costs

Residential property sale costs


Please call us for a no obligation discussion about the range of options available to you on 01276 23211 or email us at info@constantineandsummers.co.uk
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